Friday, April 09, 2021

Advanced Comic Book Linking

In my previous post about Peruse's support for ACBF Textareas, i talked about how the formatting system there allowed for all manner of niftiness with languages, and rotating text, and making it coloured, and styled, and all of that visual fanciness. In this one, i'm going to talk a bit more in depth about a quite powerful feature the Textareas have that i kind of glossed over in that one: Hyperlinks.

Yes, hyperlinks. Links, like the one you just clicked on above to work out what that last post actually said about textareas (thanks for reading! :) ). Except that these links are inside any of the things in an ACBF document which can hold paragraphs of text, being primarily Textareas, References, and Annotations. The reason this is a separate post (apart from the fact the other one had a different focus) is that ACBF recently gained the ability to add a resource target (that is to say, a href property) to the Jump element.