Friday, November 02, 2012

Qt Contributors Day 2012 Berlin - KDE Edition

As you may remember from last year, the Qt Developer Days in both Munich and San Francisco, on the first day of the conference there were two options: Training and the Qt Contributors Day. This year will be no different, and so, this year we will have the Qt Contributors Day: KDE Edition at Qt Developer Days 2012 in Berlin! The event is made possible by the strong, long standing and i'm sure you'll agree fruitful partnership between KDE and KDAB, one of the patrons of KDE.
So, i hear you asking, what's this thing about? Well, this year we've decided to focus on KDE's ability to help out Qt in various ways, the way we have all benefited from Qt through the years. There is of course already a whole lot of work going on in this area, and well, this day is then just another step towards that goal. Think of it as a sort of mini-sprint.
Your to-do list
1. Register
2. Figure out some good topics for discussions
3. Join us on the day

ps: yes, i'm aware this is getting really quite close, but it was announced on twitter and the Qt Project forums earlier this week, and now also here. So even if it's announced late, i would hope a not inconsiderable number of you were already planning on attending already.... let's make it epic, people :)

The word of the day is: Open Governance. (ok, that's two words, but they're important ;) )

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