Tuesday, December 21, 2004

This blogging buisness

Well, here we go, the first blog. No idea what to put in it, really, but it shall be funky to see what happens when I do find something :) The problem is that I need to find some way of limiting the access to the different bits of blog, because not everything is suitable for e.g. KDE developers and others of slight heart who might stumble accross it, and not expect content which has to do with uhm... the more squeaky and fuzzy side of my person :)

However, that might simply be something that people will have to put up with. We shall see about this later.

The good word of the day is "un-hello". In case you do not get this reference, you have missed out on www.sockbaby.com ;) Go watch, now! Your eyes will love you for the rest of your life... Your brain will hate you, but your eyes will love you ;)

PS: This is not the final design, it will eventually look like my personal website, but I am working on that one, both the layout of it and the backend, so there shall be more shortly (as in sometime after new year's)