Monday, June 13, 2016

Randa Meetings 2016 is go!

After a nice, mostly uneventful trip to Randa, which involved picking up David on the way to the airport and then a long train trip on the very pleasant Swiss trains, we are now settled into the computer room and ready to get on with this year's meeting.

So, what will i be doing this year? Well, a few things, really:
  1. Hopefully we (that is myself and my better half Chris Hills, who has come with me this year) will succeed in getting him embedded in one of the teams, which is something we've wanted to do for ages, and this year it just seemed the time to get it under way for reals yo(tm). This is already well under way as i write these words, and that's pretty neat :) Thank you for being such a welcoming community! :D
  2. Get the first real release version done of the Peruse comic book reader app, which is based on KDE Frameworks 5 and the Kirigami Qt Quick 2 UX components
  3. Begin work on the content store support in Peruse.
  4. Hopefully get the Gemini microframework whipped into some semblance of usable shape (it would be nice to be able to use Calligra Gemini 3.0 for writing). This, however, is less critical than the others, for reasons which will become clear in the hopefully not too distant future. Very positive reasons. Keep your eyes peeled ;)
Points 3 and 4 above are... well, if you have followed me since i left university, and in part even during, you will know i've been involved with a fair few of the odd supporting fringe bits of the KDE community, and... it seems like i am going to be able to tie a few of those together into something coherent and functional. So, yes, watch this spot ;)

Now, do you like what we do at these sprints? Help us keep going! Sponsor it with any amount you can, or if you can't spare any funds, spread the word :)

The word of the day is: tea. Because that is totally a thing we can have here :)

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